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Wanting to surface as many good ideas as possible, your organization has invited all employees to submit capital budget proposals that would help the organization respond to industry trends and achieve its mission and strategic goals. Employees who submit a proposal that is accepted for implementation will receive a $2,500 bonus.Review the website and financial statements from your organization (the organization you have selected for your final project—Venice Family Clinic  – https://venicefamilyclinic.org/) Identify a capital budget item that you will use as the basis of your capital budget proposal. Note that while you will submit a single proposal, your proposal might include multiple items. For example, you might propose that the organization acquire a new piece of equipment. Implementation of that item (the equipment) might require additional items such as software, spare parts, etc.For Further Instructions on this assignment, please see the 4-2 Capital Budget Items Guidelines and Rubric.Please also look at Final Project Milestone 1 attached for guidance as its part 1 of this project.

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