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Assignment #3: Autobiographical ExplorationsIn Ways of Reading , editors Bartholomae, Petrosky and Waite writethat: “Autobiographical writing is often used for purposes of display orself-promotion, or to further (rather than question) an argument (aboutsuccess, about how to live a good or proper or fulfilling life)” (Bartholomaeet al 694). However, your purpose in this autobiographical writingassignment is “to investigate, question, explore, and inquire about yourself”(Bartholomate et al 694) and compose this reflection within an essay orartistic project for this assignment. If you wish to keep the assignment lesspersonal and more abstract, you are welcome to consider exploring the topicof autobiography in general rather than your own personal autobiography.Please feel free to use stories you have already told in prior essays, abouteducation, identity, self and society, interconnectivity and any of the priorreadings this semester by Anzaldua, Appiah, Butler, du Bois, Foucault,Griffin, Miller, Pratt, Rodriguez, Said — in a way that effectively serves yourpurpose.The required sources for you, regardless of prior units, is to useRichard Linklater’s film Waking Life , and/or Alison Bechdel’s first chapter,titled “The Ordinary Devoted Mother” from her graphic novel, Are You MyMother? , and/or Gloria Bird’s “Autobiography as Spectacle: An Act ofLiberation or the Illusion of Liberation?” as models, examples of formats ofthe genre of autobiography, as you explore yourself or the formatpossibilities of the genre of autobiography.Writing and reading are major themes in Bechdel’s work. There’s thestory of Bechdel writing the very work we are reading. There is herjournaling, there is her mother’s journaling, and Bechdel’s referencesto writers like Virginia Woolf and Sylvia Plath. So one way of reading“The Ordinary Devoted Mother” is to understand the piece as beingabout reading and writing – and perhaps also about the life of themind. Akin to this is Linklater’s exploration of different theories andperspectives of individuals that the main character comes into contactwith in the various scenes of this extended dream sequence. Bothcould be said to be focused on the life of the mind. If you think of thepieces as being about the work of reading and writing, what doesBechdel seem to suggest about what writing does, where it comesfrom, and what it is for? What is Bechdel’s philosophy on reading andwriting as far as you can tell? What does her work tell you about thisprocess? Write a minimum of 3 pages in which you offer Bechdel’stheory of composition, making an argument for how Bechdelunderstands the creative process of writing. Compare it to Waking Lifeand your own life as you see fit. You must write a minimum of 3 fullpages in MLA format for this assignment.Biography:Bird, Gloria. “Autobiography as Spectacle: An Act of Liberation or the Illusion of Liberation”.  Bechdel, Alison. “The Ordinary Devoted Mother”.  LINKLATER, Richard.

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