Acc 252 chapter 3 applying excel

ACC 252 Chapter 3 Applying ExcelUsing the attached Excel worksheet and the Applying Excel problem beginning on page 142 of your textbook, complete the following:1.    Open the attached Excel file and type your name in cell D10.2.    Complete the worksheet by creating and entering formulas where you see question marks.  Work in sequential order as some formulas have already been created for you.  All formulas you create should use cell references only.  Where it makes sense, take advantage of the autosum function, linking formulas, and the ability to copy formulas down or across.  Harness the power of Excel!!3.    Review Requirement 1 on page 144 to test the accuracy of your worksheet, but you do not need to complete any of the questions.  Do make note of the unit product costs under traditional and ABC costing for each of the two products based on the original data.  You cannot go on until you validate your worksheet against Requirement 1!4.    Revise your worksheet with the changes indicated in Requirement 2 on page 144.  Print out your completed worksheet (it should be two pages portrait style).  Handwrite the answers to questions a & b at the top of page 145 on the second page of your printout.5.    Skip Requirement 3 on page 145.6.    Modify your worksheet so that the formulas you entered are visible on the worksheet.  Go to the “Formulas” tab and select “Show formulas.” Print out page 3 only (when the formulas are showing, it will require 5 pages to print the entire worksheet) by specifying in the Print Settings that you only want “pages 3 to 3.”  Some information will be cut off, but that is okay.Chapter 3: Applying Excel                                      Enter a formula into each of the cells marked with a ? below                   Review Problem: Activity-Based Costing                                      Data                       Deluxe    Tourist           Annual sales in units    2.000     10.000            Direct materials per unit    $25     $17            Direct labor-hours per unit    5     4                               Direct labor rate    $12     per DLH                                  Estimated                   Overhead    Expected Activity           Activities and Activity Measures    Cost    Deluxe    Tourist    Total   Labor related (direct labor-hours)     $80.000     ?    ?    ?   Machine setups (setups)    150.000     3.000     2.000     ?   Production orders (orders)    70.000     100     300     ?   General factory (machine-hours)    250.000     12.000     28.000     ?        ?                                   Compute the predetermined overhead rate                   Estimated total manufacturing overhead (a)        ?           Estimated total amount of the allocation base (b)        ?    DLHs       Predetermined overhead rate (a) ÷ (b)        ?    per DLH                          Compute the manufacturing overhead applied    Deluxe        Tourist       Direct labor-hours per unit (a)    ?    DLHs    ?    DLHs   Predetermined overhead rate (b)    ?    per DLH    ?    per DLH   Manufacturing overhead applied per unit (a) × (b)    ?        ?                          Compute traditional unit product costs    Deluxe    Tourist           Direct materials     ?      ?            Direct labor    ?    ?           Manufacturing overhead applied    ?    ?           Traditonal unit product cost     ?      ?                               Compute activity rates    Estimated                   Overhead               Activities    Cost    Total Expected Activity        Activity Rate   Labor related    ?    ?    DLHs    ?    per DLHMachine setups    ?    ?    setups    ?    per setupProduction orders    ?    ?    orders    ?    per orderGeneral factory    ?    ?    MHs    ?    per MH                   Compute the ABC overhead cost per unit        Deluxe        Tourist       Activity    Expected        Expected   Activities    Rate    Activity    Amount    Activity    AmountLabor related    ?    ?     ?     ?     ?Machine setups    ?    ?    ?    ?    ?Production orders    ?    ?    ?    ?    ?General factory    ?    ?    ?    ?    ?Total overhead cost assigned (a)             ?          ?Number of units produced (b)            ?        ?ABC overhead cost per unit (a) ÷ (b)            ?        ?                   Compute the ABC unit product costs    Deluxe    Tourist           Direct materials     ?      ?            Direct labor     ?      ?            ABC overhead cost per unit (see above)     ?      ?            ABC unit product cost     ?      ?            

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