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It is important to point out that many adults with ADHD have highly successful careers and jobs, and many have happy marriages and families. For example, Brittany Sanders (see the accompanying Peer Connections) appears to have coped very well with her ADHD and to be well on her way to a happy adult life. There’s little doubt that ADHD can be a lifelong struggle. However, with the appropriate combination of medical, educational, and psychological counseling, satisfactory employment and family adjustment are within the reach of most people with ADHD. Now that most authorities recognize that ADHD often continues into adulthood, more and more research will be focused on treatment of ADHD in adults. With this research should come an even more positive outlook for adults with ADHD. How does this knowledge relate to the historical origins of ADHD; the causes of ADHD; educational considerations for learners with ADHD; and transition to adulthood for learners with ADHD

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