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Your annotated bibliography must include a minimum of six (6) resources. At least two (2) of those resources must be scholarly, peerreviewed journal articles. You may include other resources in any format (websites, news articles, reports, documents). Image citations do not count toward the six resources. Please submit in a Microsoft Word document or as a PDF. You are welcome to use any resources found or evaluated for previous assignments in this course this semester in your annotated bibliography. You MAY NOT copy/paste summaries from any previous assignments.Re-state your research question before you list your annotationsYour annotations should be arranged in alphabetical orderAll annotations should include a complete citation in the citation style most used in your major. Each annotation should include two paragraphs written in complete sentences.Paragraph 1 should summarize the resource in 3-4 sentences in your own words.Paragraph 2 should include your reflection on how the resource contributes to your understanding of the topic.

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