Applications of optical instruments and devices

  You will do some research to determine how these devices are different but still use similar optical concepts to do different tasks. Microscopes use light and radiation to examine very small objects. Some devices are known an Electron Microscopes can be used to see extremely small objects. What are some applications of different types of microscopes? What are the different technologies they use?Your eyes and cameras work on the same principle.  The lens in your eye focuses an image of what you are looking at, on your retina. In a camera, the image is projected on film or an imaging device from which a picture is made.  An X-Ray machine is also a camera even though it does not use lenses, it still uses optical concepts to form images.A small conventional telescope also uses a lens to focus images of objects that are some distance away. The image is not projected onto your eye or a light-sensitive surface but is projected as a virtual object to be magnified by another lens or eyepiece to produce the image you see when you look through the telescope.A microscope forms an image close to the object. Because the image is further from the lens than the object, it is magnified. The microscope eyepiece forms an enlarged image of the already magnified image with which you can view very small objects.Before you begin, be sure to review the following resources:

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