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ART 102Final Exam Longer Answer Essay QuestionsChoose two of the following questions. This portion of the final exam is worth 50 points. 1. Throughout history, technological developments have enabled artists and architects to express ideas in new ways. Choose and fully identify two works of art or architecture and the specific technological development that made each work possible. One of your choices must date before 1800 and one must date after 1800. For each work, analyze how the technological development enabled the artist or architect to express ideas in new ways.2. The representation of light in painting has been used to serve a variety of purposes. Identify two artists, each from different art historical periods, who have explored the effects of light. Discuss the function and use of light in specific works by each artist.3. Throughout history, art has been used as propaganda to shape public opinion. Propaganda takes many forms, such as architecture, paintings, and print media, and is used to promote religious, political, and social ideologies.Select and fully identify two works, in any medium, that were used to shape public opinion. Citing specific elements in each work, analyze how each work conveyed its propagandistic message to its intended audience.A few tips:· I expect your answers to be 400-500 words long. Anything less than the 400-word count minimum will receive a much lower score. · Be sure you choose appropriate art examples for each question, for example, don’t discuss works of art that aren’t in your book or beyond 1940. · You may use the entire semester’s worth of information from 1300-1940 (chapters 14-24) for these questions. · If for some reason you chose a work of art that is one that I selected for the first half of the exam for your long answer essay, please don’t worry about it. You may absolutely use that example if that’s what you chose to discuss. I cannot penalize you for choosing something that you didn’t know would be on the exam.

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