Assignment: methods of measuring – socw 6301 week 8 | SOCW 6301 – Social Work Practice Research I | Walden University

The attached document contains all of the requirements.  To prepare: A client is dealing with mental health depression. Consider how you would evaluate the client’s progress in this area. Create questions with response options that would capture this phenomenon or client issue.· Identify Depression and explain how you conceptualize this phenomenon.· Provide at least 3 questions you would use to measure Depression and explain how these questions operationalize the phenomenon.· Define reliability in 2-3 sentences and give one example of how you would establish reliability for the questions you created.· Define validity in 2-3 sentences and give one example of how you would establish validity for the questions you created.· Create a measurement plan to assess the Depression.o Describe the methodology you would use to collect data using your measurement tool (your method for acquiring this research data).o Explain the advantages and disadvantages of your choices.Now that you have considered how you might create an instrument for measuring a phenomenon or client issue, in this case it was mental health Depression choose and evaluate an existing instrument to measure the concept of Depression. Consider how you would compare your original measurement to the existing measurement.To Prepare: Review the following at the Walden Library on how to find existing instruments:· Provide a brief explanation of the existing measurement instrument that you identified. · Then, compare your original measurement approach to the existing instrument. · Next, explain how you would revise or replace your original measurement plan. · Finally explain the advantages and/or disadvantages of using existing instruments for measurement. Please use the Learning Resources to support your answer.

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