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  “The CEO Who Saved a Life and Lost His Job” Please see the PDF file. Project Tasks Please write an 8-10 pages’ long essay analyzing and discussing the following topics following the order of Tasks 1 to 6: 1. Task 1 : Summarize the case. Length suggestion: 1 page. 2. Task 2 : Identify (list) the ethical issues that have arisen in this case. Please offer some details about each ethical issues (e.g. including what’s occurred, who’s affected, etc.). Length suggestion: 1 page. 3. Task 3: Identify (list) all of the stakeholders of the company (i.e., Chimerix) in the case, and discuss each of their viewpoints (e.g., needs, desires, concerns, costs, benefits, power, etc.). Length suggestion: 1-2 pages.4. Task 4 : Explain in detail which of the stakeholders should be involved and helpful to solve the ethical issues that have arisen in the case, and why, given their viewpoints. Length suggestion: 1-2 pages. 5. Task 5 : List all of the ethical theories and principles (i.e., ethical principles in Section 8.2 of Chapter 8) that are appropriate for solving the ethical issues in this case. Explain in detail why each principle is appropriate for solving the particular ethical issue. Length suggestion: 2 pages.6. Task 6 : Using certain ethical theories and principles to recommend a plan of action for the company that will help the company (i.e., Chimerix) remain competitive and avoid such problems in the future. Explain the expected positive and negative consequences of the plan of action you recommend. Llength suggestion: 2 pages.Guideline and Requirement The length of your essay is about 8-10 pages (double-spaced, 12 pt “Times New Roman” font, 1-inch margins, excluding exhibits and references) in MS Word format.

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