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 Find a company/organization working in one of the following six sectors.1. Financial Sector2. Healthcare3. Education4. Hospitality and Travel5. Food and Grocery6. Media & TechnologyResearch the company in details to explain the following:1. How the company can benefit from Business Intelligence (market trends, customer insights, competitive analysis, etc)?2. Select an area of predictive analytics covered in Chapter 4 or 5 (Data Mining or Machine Learning) that you believe would add value if implemented in that company/organization.3. Define the problem that you want to solve and how you would solve it (sciences involved, technologies/tools used, process..etc).4. What challenges do you expect to face (Big Data, technology, culture, costs, privacy..etc).5. Recommendations – How can other businesses in the selected industry benefit from your research.Please submit an MS Word document of 10-12 pages (excluding Title and References Pages), with the proper use of APA by the due date.Required Submission:1. Research Paper2. PPT

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