Business statistics lab assignment 4

looking for someone to do the lab work for business statistics. Using (R)see Labwork 4 for instructions  Here is some clarification on lab-4.In problem 1, this is a multiple regression model. You are supposed to run a regression of Price (dependent variable) with other independents variables (Food, Décor, Service, and East).when you run the regression model, make sure you report coefficient of the independent variables are significant or not.Problem-2-part(a), you are supposed to make a correlation matrix. Use R code cor(data name) to get the correlation matrix.Problem-2-part(b), simple linear regression, regress Price (dependent variable) on Rooms (independent variable), observe whether rooms is significant or not.Problem-2-part(c), multiple linear regression, regress Price on Home size, Lot size, Rooms, and Bathroom. Now Room is significant or not check that-To check the significance look at P-value (if P-value is less than 0.05, it is significant at 95% confidence level otherwise it is not significant)Problem-3-part(a) descriptive statistics, use summary (data name) Rcode.Problem-3-part(b), run two simple linear regression    (i)regress Amount charge on incomeRegress Amount charge on household size. Now which is better, you can compare R^2 and slope.      (8) In problem-3 part(c), now use multiple regression regress amount charge on income and household size.      (9) In problem-4, You are supposed to regress sales on 11 dummies ( Jan through Nov). You don’t need to create dummies. I have uploaded the new data set Vintage_new in the data folder in Blackboard.Now regress Sales on 11 dummies.lm(Sales~D1+D2+…..+D11), find the predicted value for JanAlso, the actual value for Jan is given 295,000Forecast error= Actual value – Predicted value

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