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  Write two – three paragraphs (400-words minimum) explaining the following:Overarching primary problemQuestions & information/data that led to the root causeAdditional information/data you would like to have to find the root cause The root cause for the identified problemThe solution to the problemThe viability of the solution for the problemInclude evidence from the case study and/or rationale to support ALL of your statements. Use the Basic Writing Elements and Root Cause Analysis models located in the course Resources.   Submit a 300-word minimum reflective response. Use the Basic Writing Elements and Reflection models located in the course Resources to reflect on your capacity to apply the Essential Competencies (7-12) and root cause analysis to reach solutions. Consider the following:Your agreement and disagreement of your peers’ posts regarding the aspects of the problem.Were you open to differing perspectives from your peers?Did your peers’ comments influence your ability to identify the primary problem? If so, in what ways?How well were you able to find the root cause to the problem? Was it difficult?How confident do you feel about your recommended solution to the problem?Include evidence and/or rationale to support ALL of your statements. 

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