Case study (ethical theory and management)- credit card companies

Credit Card Companies and Mandatory Arbitration Case 3.1QUESTIONS TO RESPOND TO ARE THE FOLLOWING;Overall, What is the perceived moral problem in this case?1. What are the ethical issues associated to this case?2. Which legal requirements are driving the behaviors in this case?3. What are some of the longterm benefits and harms of rates and fees associated to credit cards?4. What are some of the implications associated to compulsory arbitration requirements?Needs to be 4-5 pages– I HAVE ATTACHED THE CASE STUDY ATTACHMENTS BELOW(case study pg.1 and case study pg.2)– I AM ALSO ATTACHING THE RUBRIC, WHAT IS REQUIRED TO BE DONE IN THIS CASE STUDY– I HAVE ALSO ATTACHED 7 ATTACHMENTS OF NOTES THAT NEED TO BE READ TO USE REFERENCES AND CITATIONS

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