Case study: international management and amazon’s healthcare products

 The world’s population is aging rapidly and it has contributed to changing business in Amazon. Recently, Amazon has entered the healthcare market and connects global suppliers with customers of healthcare products. This has contributed to decrease in price of healthcare items but has increased access to unreliable and (sometimes) dangerous suppliers who might not use the same quality standard as their competitor’s. However, for many large and small hospitals, it is beneficial to use Amazon suppliers because of the fast delivery and low prices. Therefore, an emphasis has been placed on managing the risk of buying healthcare related items purchased through Amazon. Please use internet for recent and relevant readings and discoveries but don’t plagiarize. Organize all your citations, graphs, and charts (if any). Use no more than one page titled “References” to cite your readings. Your 2nd Assignment: Assume that you are part of Amazon’s executive management team. Vice President of Operations asks you to do the following: 1) Design a Value-Stream to analyze and control the quality of Amazon’s healthcare products using low costs alternatives. 2) Design SFAS Matrix for performance and quality of Amazon’s healthcare products (or for its suppliers). Hints: 1. (10 points) Design a value-stream for Amazon’s healthcare products to analyze and control its healthcare products (See Chapter 5, slide 15 – 28). 2. (10 points) Use VIRO framework (discussed in chapter 5) to show how Amazon could evaluate its suppliers to achieve high-quality healthcare items. Give examples to make your point. 3. (10 points) Design SFAS (Strategic Factor Analysis Summary Matrix) Table for Amazon’s healthcare suppliers or Amazon’s healthcare products (not both). Use Chapter 6, slide 7 (Table 6- 1). You may ignore the right-side table on Table 6-1.

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