Cee-1/2 (chapter-1/2) | Management homework help

Topic of post is “Culture in a global workplace: Perception of time”As part of each ‘initial post,’ you should identify, review, and analyze one or more articles in the international news media (e.g., Wall-Street Journal, Economic Times, International Business Times, Bloomberg US News and World Report, CNBC), or in popular press publications (e.g., The Economist, Business Week, Fortune, Newsweek, and Forbes) that relate to your chosen topic and demonstrate how the material in the selected articles deliver valuable insights on current international business activities related to the topic that you have chosen. Remember to cite the selected articles at relevant places in the text of your post and provide full references to the articles at the bottom of your post so that others can access and review the referenced articles. Paragraph-1: Identify the international topic chosen by you for the chapter and explain why you chose the topic. That is, explain why you were interested in acquiring a deeper understanding of this aspect of international management activity? Paragraph-2: Explain why you chose the selected articles over other similar articles that were also relevant to the topic, and then demonstrate how the article addresses, illustrates, supports, explains, or exemplifies the material on the topic that is covered in the textbook. Ensure that the articles that you chose reflect an International situation, and not a domestic (US) situation. You get no points for discussing/illustrating a domestic (US) situation that has no international management bearing. Paragraph-3: Articulate important international management insights/takeaways/learning experiences that other members in the discussion forum can gain from reading your CEE post. Grading for the initial post (out of 40 points): This grade will be based on (1) depth of understanding of the topic, (2) appropriateness of the selected article(s) and your ability to demonstrate how the article helps address, illustrate, support, explain, or exemplify the material on the topic chosen by you, and (3) quality of the insights/takeaways (learning experience) offered by the post to members of the discussion forum. 

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