Cjhs 420 week 5 learning team assignment

CJHS 420 Week 5 Learning Team Assignment  Resource: Correctional Counseling textbook.Select one of the following case studies located at the end of each chapter of Correctional Counseling:•“The Case of Jeff: Pedophile in Institution” – Ch. 1•“The Case of Rick” – Ch. 3(p. 77)•“The Case of Mike” – Ch. 5 (p. 135)•“The Case of Danny” – Ch. 9 (p. 253)•“The Case of Jimmy” – Ch. 10 (p. 277)•“The Case of Mary” – Ch. 11 (p. 302)•“The Case of Nathan” – Ch. 12 (p. 328)•“The Case of Duane” – Ch. 13 (p. 359)Prepare a 10- to 15-slide Microsoft® PowerPoint® presentation analyzing the following pertaining to your selected client:•Case history•Risk reassessment•Client goals•Case manager goals•Continued maintenance and monitoring•Evaluate and address prevention for future problemsFormat your presentation consistent with APA guidelines.Click the Assignment Files tab to submit your assignment. 

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