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 CLASS DISCUSSION: Information Systems Security and Assurance1. What phase of designing an IT system should security be addressed? What security technologies should be built into a system?2. Do you think SIEM tools should be mandatory for IT systems rated moderate or above?3. On page 105, in your own words, explain how you would use the Risk Calculation: “Credible Attack Vector *Impact=Risk Rating.”4. Explain the flow of ATASM (page 133) in detail and provide examples.5. Compare and contrast the different architectural layers: Presentation, Application, and Data6. Explain the importance of enterprise component flows and provide of examples of when these types of diagrams would be utilized.7. Explain the architecture for mobile security. Provide a detailed example.8. Explain the different cloud services and provide examples when each would be utilized.REQUIRED READINGTitle: Securing Systems Applied Security Architecture and Threat ModelsAuthor: Brook S.E. SchoenfieldEdition/Copyright: 1st, 2015ISBN: 9781482233971

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