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     1. The   ability to independently learn new technologies as they emerge and assess   their impact on your work and life is called ________. (Points : 4) 2. Which of the following is part of an IS personnel’s systems knowledge and skills? (Points : 4)      3. Information   property focuses on ________. (Points   : 4)       4. Outsourcing   has seen a huge increase because of the ________. (Points : 4) 5. ________ is the use of locations closer to the home country in terms of geographical, political, linguistic, economic, or cultural distance. (Points : 4)      6. Uploading   enables individuals to ________.   (Points : 4) 7. A firm that enjoys high degree of global integration and local responsiveness is pursuing a(n) ________ strategy. (Points : 4)   8. Which of the following statements is true about firms pursuing a home-replication strategy? (Points : 4)      9. ScenarioGlasco Hardware Co. is a multinational firm that   manufacturers hardware components for companies like Dell, Sony, and Toshiba.   Glasco has seen steady growth for the past 3 years and cites its decision to   start manufacturing firms in developing nations as the primary reason for its   steady growth, even during recession. Which of the following statements, if true, would imply   that Glasco implements a multidomestic business strategy? (Points : 4)   10. Which of the following actions distinguish firms pursuing a transnational business strategy? (Points : 4)      11. Tele’Wire,   a mobile manufacturer, offers free connections to customers who buy its   mobile phones. This cost of connection is actually included in the price of   the mobile phone. Tele’Wire is pursuing a(n) ________ approach to applying   freeconomics. (Points : 4)       12. While   pursuing a global business strategy, the ________ prohibit(s) the implementation   of local strategies, and thus a global company cannot quickly react to local   challenges and opportunities. (Points   : 4)     13. In   ________ networks, servers and clients have defined roles. (Points : 4)  14. The operating system of a computer is an example of a(n) ________ software. (Points : 4)  15. Which of the following tasks is performed by the application software? (Points : 4)      16. The   CPU interacts with ________ for permanently storing data. (Points : 4) 17. Which of the following is true about the graphical Web browser Mosaic? (Points : 4)  18. A(n) ________ is also referred to as the computer’s brain. (Points : 4)   19. Which of the following types of computer software utilities monitors users’ incoming e-mail messages and filters unwanted messages from arriving? (Points : 4)  20. Which of the following statements is true of a bus network topology? (Points : 4)      21. Google’s   Linux-based operating system for mobile devices is known as ________. (Points : 4)  22. Which of the following programming languages allows programmers to easily add a command button to a screen with a few clicks of a mouse instead of programming the button pixel by pixel and using many lines of code? (Points : 4  23. Which of the following is an example of presentation software? (Points : 4)  24. Which of the following functions do scripting languages perform? (Points : 4)  25. Which of the following input technologies has been historically used for entering text and numbers on computers? (Points : 4) 

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