Create the quality process improvement tools and techniques section.

 Create the Quality Process Improvement Tools and Techniques section.DeliverablesThe overall project deliverables are as follows:Create the Quality Process Improvement Tools and Techniques section.Identify which process improvement tool or technique you will included in your overall project plan.Explain in detail how this will be implemented and what benefits or improvements you hope to achieve.Discuss which processes will be impacted by the implementation of the tool or technique.Include a sample artifact of how this will be implemented (e.g., a flow diagram or a Kanban card)Add the Quality Performance Monitoring and Control section.Identify the tasks, effort, and resources that should be added or already exist in the project plan to monitor and control quality.Disclose the contingency or primary budget that has been set aside for these tasks.Calculate the cost of quality according to the PMBOK® Guide.Discuss which and how you will use at least 2 of the following quality performance tools and techniques to perform monitoring and control:Cause and effect chartsControl chartsBenchmarkingFlowchartingHistogramPareto chartRun chartScatter diagramStatistical samplingInspectionBe sure to include a sample of this tool or technique in use.Update the previously completed sections based on the instructor’s feedback.Add the following sections to you Quality Management Integration Plan:Three Levels of Quality ManagementEvaluate and summarize overall quality management at the organization level.Evaluate and summarize quality management at the process level.Evaluate and describe quality management at the performer level.Quality Performance Communication PlanDiscuss and include types of reports that will be part of the overall communications plan.Describe who and how often communications will occur for quality assurance activities.Identify final closure process on resolved quality assurance issues.Update the Key Assignment title page with new date and document name.The First part of the assignment is attached above you can just add to that, it is all set up with table of contents and a heading for each section

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