Csis 330 quiz 3 liberty university

IMPORTANT: AFTER PURCHASE, LOG IN TO YOUR ACCOUNT AND SCROLL DOWN BELOW THIS PAGE TO DOWNLOAD FILES WITH ANSWERS.______________ stipulates the commercial cabling standards for LAN installations and is the standard most commonly used in LAN cabling environments._______________________________occurs in fiber-optic media when the media ends are not well polished or dirt is present at the termination.Which Wi-Fi standard can simultaneously operate in the 2.4- and 5-GHz frequency bands, providing data rates up to 450 Mbps and 1.3 Gbps?A _____________________ provides wireless communication capability to each network host._____________________ is an uncommon cable used to interconnect similar devices such as to connect a switch to a switch, a host to a host, or a router to a router.____________________ connect a device to the network.The TCP/IP network access layer is the equivalent of the following OSI layers:What are the contents of the data field in a frame?Which of the following is not an advantage of copper media?_________________________ is a WAN version of the star topology in which a central site interconnects branch sites using point-to-point links.Which of the following is not one of the three main types of copper media used in networking?As more wireless devices access a network simultaneously, _________________ network performance might occur.The ____________________ is the upper sublayer of the data link layer that defines the software processes that provide services to the network layer protocols.The new 10-GB standard for Ethernet has a provision for the use of STP cabling, and this provision is causing a renewed interest in STP cabling.Practical bandwidth of a network is determined by a combination of which factors?According to the textbook, the longer a signal travels on a copper cable, the more it deteriorates in a phenomenon referred to asWhich of the following is not a type of fiber-optic cable?IEEE rates UTP cabling according to its performance, thereby placing cables into categories according to their ability to carry higher-bandwidth rates.  Of the following categories, which one is the recommended type for data networking in new building installations?Controlled access is also known as ______.Shielded twisted-pair (STP) cabling provides better noise protection than UTP cabling.When using wireless, the signals are patterns of _________________________.The ____________________________ topology provides high availability, but requires that every end system be interconnected to every other system.In which type of industry is fiber optic being used to provide always-on broadband services to homes and small businesses?In which type of industry is fiber optic being used for backbone cabling applications and interconnecting infrastructure devices?UTP cable consists of _______ pairs of color-coded wires that have been twisted together and then encased in a flexible plastic sheath that protects them from minor physical damage.  BUY MORE MATERIALS FOR THIS COURSE:CSIS 330 Quiz 1 Liberty UniversityCSIS 330 Quiz 2 Liberty UniversityCSIS 330 Quiz 3 Liberty UniversityCSIS 330 Quiz 4 Liberty UniversityCSIS 330 Quiz 5 Liberty UniversityCSIS 330 Quiz 6 Liberty UniversityCSIS 330 Quiz 7 Liberty UniversityCSIS 330 Final Exam

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