Define the concept and create measures

In this assignment you will design, describe, and justify the method you will use in your Final Paper to generate and collect data in order to evaluate the effectiveness of the policy or program you intend to evaluate. For guidance on the selection of the most logical, effective, and robust methodology, first look to the Rossi, Lipsey, and Freeman (2004) text or the Lipsey, Petrie,Weisburd, and Gottfredson (2006) article for the fundamental explanations and uses of various methodologies. Then, utilize your research skills to locate additional appropriate scholarly sources that focus on criminal justice or related topics to develop a workable, logical methodology. The methodology should be suitable for inclusion in presentation designed for a criminal justice professional setting. To streamline the process, you can simply peruse the articles posted in the Required Resources and Recommended Resources sections throughout the course in order to obtain a more pragmatic, or practical, approach to the uses of scientific methodologies in the world of evaluation. This assignment can later serve as the methodology section in your Final Paper if you so choose, so make certain to include any term that will be included in the evaluation. For additional guidance on determining evaluability, look to your Rossi, Lipsey, and Freeman (2004) text.In your paper,Define the terms that will be used in your Final Paper. (For example, if you plan to evaluate whether a given police department policy reduces crime, you must define what you mean by the term crime.)·  Operationalize your concepts and terms that will ultimately be used in your Final Paper.·  Describe what you will evaluate in your Final Paper.·  Describe how you will determine the evaluability and measure the effectiveness of the policy or program you are evaluating.·  Address the impact of any political or ethical issues that might be associated with your measures.The “Define the Concept and Create Measure” assignment·  Must be 1000 words in length (not including title and reference pages), double-spaced, and formatted according to APA style·  Must include a separate title page with the following·  Must use at least three scholarly sources in addition to the course text.·  Must document all sources in APA style·  Must include a separate reference page that is formatted according to APA style The topic is? The effectiveness of the Innocence Project in Preservation of EvidenceCome up with a  research question The focus of the Final Paper will be on the creation of an evaluation proposal suitable for presentation in a criminal justice setting or agency.This is referenced to the attachment, please read attached that reference this assignment as well. This is the feedback for that paper: Overall, a good Introduction for your evaluation proposal for the Week 6 final paper.  You have framed the topic and explained its importance.  However, I am not clear how your topic (preservation of digital evidence) ties into the specific program (Innocence Project).  Based on your discussion, it seems you are suggesting the program needs to ensure measures to protect digital evidence.  The purpose of a program evaluation is to assess the program.  For example, is the program achieving its stated goals.  Is preservation of digital evidence a goal of the Innocence Project? If so, then what you have written is appropriate.  If preservation of digital evidence is something you think the program should do, then this is a recommendation and not a program evaluation proposal.  Again, I am not clear based on your discussion.  Likewise, your research (evaluation) question should be based on the program. So, instead of asking “How” a program should do something, you should be asking “Did” or “Does” the program do something.  For example, if a goal of the Innocence Program is to protect digital evidence, then you might ask, “Does the Innocent Project have mechanisms in place to ensure digital evidence is preserved?”  This question relates to the program, and it is something that can be measured and answered.  Some refinement of your Introduction relating to explanation of the program and the research (evaluation) questions seems necessary.  Please review comments as highlighted.Article Link: reach out with any questions 

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