Dietz v. perez dispute report with q&a

 Read the two documents that chronicle the Dietz v. Perez dispute. What is the main source of the problem? Was there a contract? What option(s) Dietz could have exercised instead of suing Perez in a court for the unpaid bill for the work he did for Perez? What could he have done differently?Why didn’t Dietz win his case for collecting the unpaid bills?Was  Perez justified with her “allegedly” disparaging  or slander remarks in online sites ( and What could she have done?Did Dietz have a case against Perez for ruining his business? He was asking the court for both injunction remedy and monetary compensation. What options could he have taken to settle the escalating dispute?Why did the Supreme Court of Virginia issued a summary reversal of the injunction?What is the lesson that you learned from this?

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