Difference between management and leadership

  Write a post of 1 to 2 paragraphsRead What Is the Difference Between Management andLeadership? As you read this article, think about the following questions,which may apply to the leader of the companies you have chosen to study foryour final project (you do not need to answer these questions in the discussionthread; they are provided only for reading guidance):How do management and leadership complement each otherwithin the organization?Who are more likely to be the primary decision-makers,managers or leaders?In today’s business world, do management and leadership gohand in hand? https://iacademicessay.com/2021/06/04/im-working-on-a-case-studies-writing-question-and-need-an-explanation-to-help-m/Is it feasible that these roles are separate within anorganization?Now, think about a past decision that you made that did notwork out the way you intended. In your initial discussion post, address thefollowing:Identify the decision-making model that you used at the timethe decision was made and explain why this was model was used.Looking back at the decision, describe which twodecision-making challenges may have led to the faulty decision and describe howthat contributed to the results of your decision. Be specific and include two https://getacademicessay.com/5895/p%e2%80%8c%e2%80%8d%e2%80%8d%e2%80%8d%e2%80%8c%e2%80%8d%e2%80%8d%e2%80%8c%e2%80%8c%e2%80%8d%e2%80%8d%e2%80%8d%e2%80%8c%e2%80%8d%e2%80%8d%e2%80%8d%e2%80%8d%e2%80%8c%e2%80%8d%e2%80%8drocess-mapping-offe/decision-making challenges.

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