Discussion: develop a thesis statement and main points

Offer Your Initial ThoughtsYour initial response this week must include the following information, allowing your peers and instructor to provide you with feedback on your ideas.A: What is your research topic?B: What is your opinion/position on this topic?C: What are your three main points of support from Module 6? Create a preliminary thesis statement like the one developed in the notes: A + B + C = Thesis statementFeedback From Last weeks Assignment Hello,That is a very detailed outline! I think you have set yourself up very well with this. I am having a hard time seeing how all of this is argumentative, but I probably just do not know enough about this topic. It seems to be more informative though. What would be a counter argument?I would put the quality of immunization ahead of the cost, because I feel like the middle body paragraphs seem to get lost, and the quality should be a very important point.Do you intend to focus only on covid-19, or could you use other vaccines created in the past or potentially ones currently in the process of being made for your arguments?-Patrick

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