Discussion :- integrating blockchain with legacy applications

In chapter 12, the author introduces issues to address when integrating blockchain apps with legacy applications. Which of the differences between blockchain and legacy systems discussed in chapter 12 do you think would be the one that carries the most risk? How could this risk be realized? (Give at least 2 examples). Briefly describe how you would address this risk in your blockchain app design.Create a new thread (by the FIRST DUE DATE)Identify a difference between blockchain apps and legacy applications discusses in chapter 12 that you think carries the greatest risk.Explain how the chosen difference from the previous point would result in a risk and how that risk could be realized. (Provide at least 2 examples.)Briefly describe how you would address this risk in your blockchain app design.I’m interested to read what YOU learned from this week’s reading (and any further research). Do NOT submit a research paper. Tell me what you think.Think of three questions you’d like to ask other students and add these to the end of your thread.The questions must be taken from material you read in Chapter 12, and each question should start a discussion topic.Read :-Read

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