Discussion question # 1 from the case study, suggest at least three

 Discussion Question # 1From the case study, suggest at least three strategies (not discussed in the case study) to successfully conduct multilevel planning. Explain each strategy. Determine the pros and cons of multilevel planning. Include an example of each to support your response.http://www.ss.com.au/articles/Going%20Agile%20-%20A%20Case%20Study.pdfhttp://www.codeproject.com/Articles/394071/Agile-Case-Study-Cayen-SystemsDiscussion Question #2Imagine you are working on a project and the release date is predetermined by upper management. Determine if you can use Agile release planning, and explain why or why not.Suggest strategies on how you can increase productivity and mitigate risks in the situation described in Part 1 of this discussion.  

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