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Expectations:Discussion  _____             Length of 250 words minimum                         Relevance to assigned discussion topic(s)                         Depth, originality, thoroughness                         Citing of material from text                             Quality of responses to other at least two other students’ postings   Course Materials:  Jeff Todd Titon et al.  Worlds of Music:  An Introduction to the Music of the World’s Peoples, Shorter Version/Third Edition.  Belmont, Ca.:  Schirmer, 2009,  ISBN:  978-0=495-57010-3 (includes 3 audio CDs). Reference Chapter 1. FromListen carefully to CD1:7, “Folsom Prison Blues.” Why is the texture called homophonic?  How would you describe the form, style, and genre of this music?See pages 9-15 and 27-28 of the text for background on these ideas.

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