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will post the students response below.  Discussion just Needs to be ATLEAST a paragraph or so. , students response should be 2-3 question long,ALL QUESTIONS NEED TO BE ANSWERED!!!!ALL QUESTIONS NEED TO BE ANSWERED!!!!ALL QUESTIONS NEED TO BE ANSWERED!!!!ALL QUESTIONS NEED TO BE ANSWERED!!!!ALL QUESTIONS NEED TO BE ANSWERED!!!!ALL QUESTIONS NEED TO BE ANSWERED!!!!Will add Reading PDF to PostNO CITATIONS OR QUOTATIONS!********************Discussion Post*****************Answer the following questions related to Case Number 4-F Where Everybody Knows Your Name in the Discussion(pg 81)1. Did Luce have a responsibility to tell her editors about her relationship with Schenk? If so, when should she have informed them?2. What aspects of their lives should journalists or other media professionals be able to keep private? How much power should the organization they work for have over how these employees conduct themselves?************************ Student Response #1 ***************************No, Luce did not have to tell her editors about her relationship with Schenk. There is no need. Luce states in page 125 that she didn’t see their relationship having an interference with her job. Journalists and other media professionals are just like us, normal people. The only difference is that more people might possibly know their name because of their occupation being in the media. If they would like to keep their private lives to themselves, they are allowed to do that. It is hard to explain exactly in words, but I believe that the organizations they work for shouldn’t have a say 100% but they should hold their employees to a professional extent. They should be respectful of their work place and employer and be responsible and respectful. What the employees do behind closed doors in their personal lives is their business and the organizations shouldn’t have a say but in public they should hold a certain amount of power. ************************ Student Response #2 ***************************1.Luce did not have to tell anyone about her relationship with Schenk because it is no one’s business. The only reason it was ever a problem was because of their jobs. They related in fields and it just seemed to colleagues it wouldn’t work out but they made it work even when no one knew. She did the right thing by keeping it on the low so no one would be surprised about the relationship but the best aspect about the situation is they kept it very professional. 2. Every aspect of a journalists life should be kept private cause work life and private life are two separate things. Although, Luce and Schenk beat all odds by being together it was like 2 magnets attracting and they took the risk by being together and they didn’t care what anyone said. As long as people come to work and do their job they shouldn’t have that much power over them unless they are doing something wrong.************************ Student Response #3 ***************************No, I do not feel as if Luce had to tell her editors about her relationship with Schenk. If I was in her position I would have done the same thing in all honesty. People’s personal lives are private so whatever goes on outside of work as long as it does not interfere with the workplace is that person’s business so Luce and Schenk in this case. Although their jobs related in a way it was also kept private for personal reasons. Organizations that people work for only should have power of what goes on in the workplace. Whatever task that have to do with work is the only power organizations should have over their employees. Luce and Schenk came to work, did their job and kept their private life private and that is exactly how it should be.

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