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 Many professionals and parents have noticed that the amount of time that children spend at leisure activities and in idleness has declined substantially. Read the articles related to the, “The Hurried Child”   found in this Module.The author, David Elkind, has been an advocate for preserving time for play and for not rushing children through the early years of school in the service of preparing them for high-achieving colleges and professions. Discuss Elkind’s view with your classmates and others in your life (especially those a generation or two older than you). Feel free to search the Web for additional material on the “hurried child.” Based on what you’ve learned and your chapter reading speculate thoughtfully on some of the possible developmental effects of “hurrying” children. Relate your discussion to what you are learning in Ch 5 about the development of children, Piaget’s theory, Erickson’s theory, etc.  You must use an outside reference not just the material provided here. The outside source can be your textbook or any web based material you find related to this concept. You must also Cite your outside resource. See Grading Criteria for Discussions in Syllabus and on the Instructor’s Page.  

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