Dnp805 organizational systems and leadership module discussions

 DNP805 Organizational Systems andLeadershipModule 1 discussionDQ 1Discuss what it takes to be an effective leader. Incorporatethe questions below in your answer.Reflecting on Newtonian vs. Quantum characteristicsdescribed in Porter-O’Grady and Malloch’s quantum Leadership, and the crucial accountabilitymethods that lead to getting the desired results, what leadership style mostclosely reflects you? Do you think this is the most effective for your worksetting? Why?What communication devices do you use to maximize teaminvolvement in the execution of organizational objectives?DQ2Discuss what it takes to be an effective leader. Incorporatethe questions below in your answer.What tools do you use to build individual and grouprelationships?Compare the results from Appendix A of Crucial Accountabilitywith your strengths from StrengthsFinder and your conflict assessmentquestionnaire. Reflect on your self-assessments in light of complexity inhealth care.DNP805 Organizational Systems andLeadershipModule 2 discussionDQ1Discuss your results from Appendix A in Crucial AccountabilityWhat confrontations do you typically avoid or instigate?Do you use tricks to talk yourself out of speaking up or areyou one who always speaks?How can healthcare impact the silence-to-violence habit?What can you personally do?Provide an example of a leader who does this well.DQ2Discuss the following about the results of yourStrengthsFinder assessment.Do you feel it is important to surround yourself with peoplewho are not like you? Why or why not? What problems would you anticipate if youdid so and how would you deal with them?What is the most valuable item you garnered from examiningyour personal leadership style?How can you use your strengths in your practice and as adoctorally-prepared nurse?Provide an example of a nurse leader in your experience thathas the most positive strengths.DNP805 Organizational Systems andLeadershipModule 3 discussionDQ1What do you think are the most important leadershipcharacteristics that support an environment of innovation. Relate these toKotter’s change model, particularly stages 3 & 4.Provide an example of a leader who exemplifies thesecharacteristics.DQ2The ACA dictated a deadline for implementation of ElectronicHealth Records of 2014, representing not only a significant change in the waybusiness is to be done in the Healthcare industry but also a significant changein the way the workers who provide healthcare must perform their tasks. In thecontext of change, discuss how this has impacted your organization and yourpersonal job. How can changes of this magnitude be best handled to assure asuccessful implementation?DNP805 Organizational Systems andLeadershipModule 4 discussionDQ1Using the concepts ofCoaching for Unending Change in Porter-O’Grady and Malloch, develop onestrategy for each that will combat the barriers to effective coaching; Use ofPower; Self Image; Knowledge; and Problem Solving. Use examples from yourpractice setting.DQ2Does crisis assist in theimplementation of change? If so, how? Describe a situation where you have hadto deal with a crisis in the workplace and how you dealt with it.DNP805 Organizational Systems andLeadershipModule 5 discussionDQ1 Integrate relevant quality concepts with ideas about thevolume-to-value revolution within your practice setting. How has your HCOincorporated these changes, be specific by providing examples of the change andhow the system adapted.DQ2 Explain how you would transform your organization orteam from a responsibility based unit to an accountability based unit. Whatdoes this mean? Provide specific examples of how you would make thistransformation occur.DNP805 Organizational Systems andLeadershipModule 6 discussionDQ1 Discuss the results of your Emotional Intelligence Testfrom the readings assignment. Whatinformation can use to increase your level of Emotional Intelligence that hasbeen discussed in Peter-O’Grady and Malloch readings.DQ2 Describe the characteristics of a healthy vs. anunhealthy (toxic) organization. Describe a situation you have observed that istoxic and how it might have been improved. Be sure to support yourrecommendations appropriate scholarly references.DNP805 Organizational Systems andLeadershipModule 7 discussionDQ1 Select a pressing issue you face in your practicesetting that we have not previously discussed.Find and read a research article regarding that issue.Share the issue and the findings of the article with yourpeers. What are potential solutions to the issue?DQ2 Discuss a leadership issue you have confronted in youpractice, either as a leader or as an organizational member. How was this issuedealt with? How might it have been done better?DNP805 Organizational Systems andLeadership

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