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    Read the following:Chapter 2: Law, Critical Thinking, and Good CommunicationChapter 3: Tort LawAdditional resources:,, is a tremendous amount of high quality information that will help you with your assignment below, but do not simply copy text! You must use your own words. Use these websites as a start:  Explore the free resources of the Web.Free Answer questions:1. 2020 has had a lot of discussion about the “Rule of Law.” What is the “Rule of Law,” and what do you think are the alternatives to it? Why is it important to understand that America is governed by the “Rule of Law?”2. What does “liability” mean to you? What do you think is required prior to holding someone “liable” for something?Short answer questions:3. What does “intent” mean?4. What is a “battery” in the legal sense of the term?5. What are the four steps of the IRAC method for analyzing legal problems?Hypothetical (Do the best you can):6. Shane and his friend Mark were sitting in front of Shane’s house on a Saturday morning. At some point, Shane reached out and lightly kicked Mark’s big toe. Mark’s only reaction was to get up and chase Shane around the front yard for a few minutes before the boys found something else to do. But three days later, Mark’s toe had swelled to double its size, and he had to go to the emergency room. Stumped for reasons, the doctor asked Mark whether he could remember anything that might have caused an injury, and Mark mentioned Shane’s kick. Discuss whether Shane (or actually, his parents) might be liable for Mark’s injuries.

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