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 Design nursing care strategies which incorporate genetic and genomic risk factors.ScenarioYou are a new graduate nurse caring for a patient that received a positive result from a genetic or genomic testing technology. Part of your role as a general nurse in genetic and genomic care is to provide accurate information, ensure appropriate patient referral, and serve as a patient advocate.InstructionsDevelop a plan of care that identifies nursing strategies that incorporate genetic and genomic risk factors, three interprofessional resources, and three referral resources for a client that has a positive result from a genetic or genomic testing technology that you explain.Your plan of care will be presented in a Word document that includes the following sections:Explanation a specific genetic or genomic testing technologyDescribe what positive results of the testing technology indicatesDesign a plan of nursing care strategies based on positive resultsDescribe three interprofessional resources in planning care for clients with genetic and genomic needsDetermine three resources for facilitation of genetic and genomic referralsResources

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