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 Directions: After the successful marketing and public relations campaigns your company created, the local Little League baseball organization has contacted the athletic director about using the University’s facilities for the opening day ceremonies.  This is a first for the school, so they have again contracted your company to help them manage the event. The opening ceremonies include an introduction of the 10 teams in the league, recognition of last year’s champion by the city’s mayor, and the tip-off game between last year’s first and second place finishers. Area dignitaries will attend the ceremonies (you pick them!), and someone will be honored by throwing out the first pitch. Remember your client is located in Mobile, AL.You need to create an event management plan for the day, which includes a timeline of the day’s activities, location of emergency services, concessions, parking, security, restrooms, etc. Be sure to include handling of the dignitaries.The attached event planning booklet is a good resource to use in planning your event. Along with the following website:https://www.littleleague.org/university/articles/10-tips-for-organizing-opening-day/

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