Graduate student success assignment 7 teamwork

Teamwork This assignment is one that is based on teamwork and your ability to collaborate in the on-line environment. Your professor will post the teams in the announcements. This week, you will have a hypothetical scenario. You are not actually doing the task in the scenario, but rather you are coming up with a plan on how your team would complete it if the scenario were real. Each of you will have a different role and a different paper based on your role.Hypothetical scenario – You all are on a team that is spread across the globe. For the past two months, each of you in your own locations have been collecting the same quantitative data.  Your company has given you two weeks to work together and compile a single report on your analysis of the findings.  Again, you are not actually working with data, this is just your scenario.Your assignment is to complete the following;1.     Contact the members of your group. Each team member selects a role. The “group leader” role has been intentionally left off, although one of you will need to initiate contact to start the project.  If there are not enough members to fill all tasks, a task may be left blank.  Do as your role tells you to do.NameRole and Task Technology manager: Research and present to your group three technology options (asynchronous or synchronous) which facilitate collaboration among group members.  The group must decide on which option would best fit the group’s needs.  You might even consider using that technology to meet. Project administrator: Research group contracts. Create, share, and gain consensus on the group’s contract.  It must address expectations for the group and what happens when expectations are not met. Project manager: Create and present a calendar/timeline showing meeting times and deadlines which allow the group to finish the project on time.  Make adjustments after considering the group’s feedback. 2.     Complete a paper based on your role and task·        Insert the chart above at the top of your paper with the names of each group member next to their roles.·        Share your role and task.                                                     i.     Technology managers will report the three technology options that they researched, and provide a summary of the process used to select one. State which one was selected, and why it was chosen over the other two options.                                                   ii.     Project administrators will share the process of creating and coming to consensus on a group contract.  Include the contract in your paper.                                                  iii.     Project managers will share the process of creating a calendar/timeline.  Include the calendar/timeline in the paper.·        Discuss one challenge and, more importantly, how it was overcome.·        Discuss how the ideas of your readings by Pink, Duckworth, or Tuckman relate to teamwork situations in an online environment. Connect an idea to this assignment. Cite relevant material in APA format.

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