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This assignment requires students to follow the slides of H2LoginPage.pdf and complete the tasks below:Follow the steps as illustrated in H2LoginPage.pdf to create a Login Page, with the solution name “LoginPage” being prefixed by the initials of your given and family names. For example, the solution name needs to be jsLoginPage if the student’s name is ***** *****.Modify the function okButton_Click() and write C# ***** to allow the modified function to check if a password ***** ***** A valid password ***** have at least six characters with both letters and numbers. In addition, the password ***** start with a letter, and cannot contain characters other than letters and numbers.While the “Cancel” button still terminates the application, the “OK” button produces the following different messages according to user input:“Please fill in all slots.” if one or both of the slots are empty;“Thank you for providing the input.” if the password ***** the requirements;“A valid password ***** to have at least six characters with both letters and numbers.” in all other cases.Package the folder containing all files of your solution and submit it online before due.Hints: please check ASCII table for the code range of letters and numbers, and refer to http://msdn.microsoft.com/en-u… C# ***** codes using string.chars properties.

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