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Complete Lab 1 on the Heart in the provided PDF. Labs1_Heart Lab Online.pdf (LOCATED IN ATTACHMENTS)Complete the PDF in Adobe Acrobat and save it (DO NOT COMPLETE IT IN YOUR BROWSER, like Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox, or Navigator – they WILL NOT save the answers!).You can also print and complete the lab by hand, if you’d like, and upload a scan of the images of the completed pages – see instructions below.If you choose to do the work by hand, take pictures of the completed pages and create a multi-paged PDF document of the images to submitThe pages must be in order I have to be able to see the entire page including the page numberthe pages must be clearThe pages must be oriented right side up.Please create a PDF or Word document with the images in order if you scan in the completed pages. Do not submit images that are blurry, upside down or sideways. I must be able to read the entire page. If you have an iPhone, or an iPad,Go to the “Notes” appClick on the camera icon or + icon at the bottom of the screenselect “Scan Documents”take the picture and adjust the corners if neededIf the image looks good select “keep scan” (If it does not look good select “retake”)You can take as many pictures as needed to create one, multi-page PDF!Once you are done with all the pages of the document Save.you will be able to upload this PDF document into canvas and it will be clear with the pages in the correct orientation.If you have an android or google phone:Open the Google Drive appClick on the + (add) icon at the bottom rightClick “Scan”Take a photo of the document, adjust scan area if needed and tap crop.to scan another page click on the + (add) again.You can take as many pictures as needed to create one multi-page PDF!Save the finished document by tapping done. Another thing that has worked well for me is a free app called “Genius Scan.”  Install Genius Scan on your phone, then:Open the Genius Scan App.Click on the + (add) icon at the bottom left.Hold your phone over the page.  The Genius Scan app will automatically identify the page and take the picture.  Or, you can tap the round button at the bottom to take the picture.Once the picture is taken, immediately move to the next page and take the next picture, then the next.Once you’ve taken a picture of all the pages in order, then tap “Done.”A PDF will be automatically created, and you can email it to your self or save it to your phone for submission.

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