Java programming scrabble help: the file dictionary.txt contains all

 JAVA ProgrammingScrabble Help: The file dictionary.txt contains all of the words in the Official Scrabble Player’s Dictionary, Second Edition. Note: this list contains some offensive language. Write   a class, WordLists, in Java that generates useful word lists for scrabble players using this list.Your class should contain the following methods:WordLists(String fileName): a constructor that takes the name of the dictionary file as the only parameter.lengthN(int n): returns an ArrayList of all length n words (Strings) in the dictionary file.endsWith(char lastLetter, int n): returns an ArrayList of words of length n ending with the letter lastLettercontainsLetter(char included, int index, int n): returns an ArrayList of words of length n containing the letter included at position index.  So for example the word “cannon” would be on the list returned by  containsLetter(‘o’,6,4) because it contains the letter ‘o’, at index 4,  and is length 6.multiLetter(int m, char included): returns an ArrayList of words with at least m occurrences of the letter included.Use  the included template for your file. Write   your own  test class for your WordLists class that tries these methods out and  writes the word lists (the ArrayLists of strings) to   text   files.What to hand in:A  Template for the file is in the Assignment 5 workspace  on Codio. You must create   your own test class (separate file with main  method) that tests each of your methods and writes the results to a  text file. In addition to the source files include a text file named  readMe.txt with an explanation of how your program works. That is, write  in plain English, instructions for using your software, explanations  for how and why you chose to design your code the way you did. The  readMe.txt file is also an opportunity for you to get partial credit  when certain requirements of the assignment are not met. The dictionary.txt file contains like this:aaaahaahedaahingaahsaalaaliiaaliisaalsaardvarkaardvarksaardwolfaardwolvesaarghaasaasvogelaasvogelsabaabacaabacasabaciabackabacusabacusesabaftabakaabakasabaloneabalonesabampabampere

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