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 Key Concept Paper Assignment InstructionsWrite a 900 – 1000 word paper on the topic. The paper will have 5 scholarly articles, which have been published within the previous 4 years; you may use articles used in the original DB, however, each of the articles must be a narrative on the results of a study/research.  The paper is not a restatement of the original DB post, but is a review of all 5 of the scholarly articles. Some of the questions that must be addressed in the paper are:What are the common themes among the findings all 5 of the research articles?What are the differences among the findings of all 5 of the research articles?What is unique in each article regarding the author’s approach to the concept?According to the authors of the articles, why is the concept important to an organization’s leadership?Paper Requirements: The paper is to be your      original work and written solely for this course. Although past papers can      be minimally referenced, papers previously submitted or work from      previously submitted assignments cannot be used to fulfill this      assignment. The paper must be written using      current APA format and include a title page, an abstract, and a references      list. The paper must have a minimum      of 900 words and a maximum of 1000 words. The word count does not include      the cover page, abstract, or reference pages.It must be submitted as a Word      document (.doc). The finished paper must be       uploaded, as an attachment, by the published deadline. Any charts, graphs, pictures,      etc. must be put in an appendix and do not count toward the word count. Block quotes cannot be used and will not count toward the word count requirement.References      must be as follows:A minimum of 5 peer-reviewed references must be used.Each reference must be from a different peer-reviewed journal published within the past 4        years. Each of the articles chosen must be a narrative on the results        of a study/research.  Textbooks, books, web blogs, abstracts,        dissertations, magazines, and other ancillary materials cannot be        counted as one of the required references.All references must be cited somewhat equally in the        narrative with no references over- or under-represented.Quotations must not be more than 15% of the paper –        paraphrase and properly quote the citations.The following should be used as headings:Introduction to the concept       (definition and overview of the paper)What were the differences and       similarities in the research done regarding the concept?What was unique in each       article regarding the author’s approach to the concept?What are the similarities in       the research findings?What are the differences in       the research findings?ConclusionNote: Your assignment will be checked for originality via the SafeAssign plagiarism tool.

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