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 Lab WK 5Scenario:You are the cybersecurity expert for a government organization. There is great concern that hackers from another country will infiltrate the government network by using a phishing attack to interfere with our election process. One member send you an email that looks suspicious, in oder to provide law enforcement with as much information as possible you decide to track the sender.You may use the attached email (.txt) the senders IP is highlighted or choose one from your own email From own email view the source code (Google it – Depending on your system or browser)Search the source code (Control+F) enter SenderUse one of the links below to physically locate the IPIn a word document:Copy the source code and paste it “highlight the senders IP”Take a screenshot of the actual location on the IP : You may not get a house address but the city with latitude and longitude will be shown.Short Guides – You may need Google “how to view the source code for your specific” device, browser etc… also works on email that are not saved on your device.MacOutlook (Windows)Web Browser Google or Gmail

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