Lesson: “think like a dinosaur” short story

 Lesson: “Think Like a Dinosaur” Short StoryLesson: “Think Like a Dinosaur” Short StoryAttached Files:Read, annotate, and take notes over the short story attached entitled “Think Like a Dinosaur.” Discussion Board: “Think Like a Dinosaur” AnalysisFor this discussion board, you will analyze the short story “Think Like a Dinosaur” by James Patrick Kelley.Consider the three Kamala Shastris.The first (and original) Kamala arrives at Tuulen Station scared but ready to complete her mission. She gets into the marble, but there is a malfunction. She gets out of the marble but then refuses to go back in. She believes she is going home, but Michael tricks here and pushes her out the airlock to kill her instead.The second Kamala is the one who is actually translated to Gend when the Hanen think the marble is malfunctioning. She goes on to complete the mission but is killed when she is translated back to Tuulen Station at the end of her mission.The third Kamala is the one who is translated back to Tuulen Station at the end of her mission. The reader meets her at the very beginning and very end of the story. When she returns, she barely remembers Michael, doesn’t know about how the first Kamala is killed, and is changed. She is harder with long nails (“claws really”) and a scar on her cheek.Considering what you know about the Kamala’s experiences, her knowledge (or lack of information) about the situation and mission, and Michael’s actions and duties, do you think Michael has committed murder when he pushes the original Kamala out the air lock to kill her? Or is he simply doing his job? Is Michael Burr a murderer?You need to include a full explanation for your analysis/claim with evidence from the story. You can paraphrase actions or include quotes, but you must include support for your claim. You need to write a full 250 words. You must explain. Do not simply summarize the story. Explain HOW your example proves Michael is innocent or guilty of murder.You need to write in complete paragraphs with topic sentences, evidence (quotes or paraphrases), and full explanations. Don’t forget that you must respond to at least two of your peers (you may respond to more). When responding, list any evidence that you found that your peer(s) may have left out. Be sure you make it clear whether you think the evidence supports his guilt or innocence. As more evidence is discovered, you may even change your stance on Burr’s guilt or innocence!

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