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 DirectionsAs suggested in the learning unit for this module, Imagist poets wrote in a minimalistic, often stark, manner that attempted to express very complex ideas, emotions, and experiences in the form poems that fixated on the presentation of single, seemingly mundane image. In this essay, you will explore two imagist poems – “Oread” (pronounced Oh-ree-ad) by H.D. and “Blizzard” by William Carlos Williams. H.D.’s poem takes its name from a figure in Greek mythology by the same name – an Oread is a mountain nymph or what might be considered a kind of fairy. In contrast to the mythical, otherworldly quality of “Oread”, Wiliams’ poem contains a kind of stark realism.In this essay, you will offer a comparative analysis of the two poems. After considering each poem’s theme, as well as its use of figurative language and poetic form, explain whether you think that both of these poems should be considered part of the same literary movement.What do these poems share in common?How do they differ?What larger concept, problem, or issue are these poems attempting to address metaphorically?SubmissionThis assignment requires a file upload submission. 

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