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The topic of this research is decreasing on-task behavior in students with autism during the home learning school.we want to evaluate the effects of antecedent and consequent strategies and behavioral interventions on the reduction of task refusal behavior.  We want to use interventions from a behavioral point of view ( positive reinforcement, Premack principle, tokens board, scheduled delivery of attention,  High-probability, low-probability request, and redirection).You can also include general literature about the main characteristics of distance learning, elementary school, students with autism. the literature review must include: Abstract – no more than 150 words properly formatted A. Introduction to the literature reviewB. Conceptual frameworkC. Review of research literature D. Summary and future research.12 pages of content in APA 7th edition, quotesPlease refer to the guide for explanations and examples of each part of the literature review. Each article must be a  primary source dated after 2012 from academic journals and/or professional periodicals for the conceptual framework you can use literature published within the last 20 years.

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