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These are 2 separate assignments  Assignment: Mini case study: Liverpool relaunched· Read the questions, then the case material, and then answer the questions. · Please submit your answers in a SINGLE WORD DOCUMENT with a MAXIMUM of 2 pages (page 1 to answer questions 1-3; page 2 to answer question 4)Questions1. What problems did Liverpool face in attracting tourists? (Use the information in the case study, but you may also want to look up Liverpool, and rival cities, on the Internet.)2. How could good marketing help to overcome these problems?3. How could relationship marketing help Liverpool to attract more visitors?4. Write a short piece (approx. 200 words) on Liverpool for inclusion in a tourist guide. You should identify different aspects of the city that will appeal to different types of visitor.Assignment #2: Mini case study: “Getting There” Read the questions, then the case material, and then answer the questions. Please submit your answers in a MAXIMUM TWO PAGE DOCUMENT.Questions1. Identify all the people involved in the two purchase decisions outlined in the case study: Duncan’s Paris journeys and the couple’s holiday plans. Comment on these people’s roles and information needs. Explain and justify your answer.2. What factors, internal and external, are likely to influence Duncan’s decision about Paris? How?3. Apply the decision-making framework to Annie and Duncan’s holiday decision, picking relevant information out of the case and adding to it from your own knowledge (e.g. of information sources) if you can. What is likely to influence the outcome of each stage? How can marketing techniques assist the couple in their decision-making?

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