Module 9 written assignment – a harrier jet, pepsi, and john leonard

 A common consumer concern is that retailers will not stand behind the promises they make in advertisements. Read the attached document then provide a response in which you clearly state your opinion. Should Pepsi have been required to provide the promised prize in this contest (or the financial equivalent) or should the customer (John Leonard) have known that it was an example of “puffery” and that winning a Harrier Jet was not a realistic prize option? How should a court resolve a matter like this, what should Pepsi’s obligations be, and what if anything should John Leonard have received for his trouble? Support your argument in your paper by finding two outside references that relate to this issue.Your paper should be based on reviewing the attached article and your reading in this course in particular this sessions reading. When writing your paper use the following guidelines:The body of your paper should be 750-1,000 words in length (not including front matter or end matter like the cover page, abstract, bibliography); in 12 point font, and single or double spaced.Your paper will be evaluated with attention to the following elementsMeets word count requirement; (750-1,000 words in the body + a Cover and References page)Mechanics, Usage, and GrammarOriginal content and thoughtIncludes thoughtful analysis and commentary on the provided article plus the outside source you find to answer the proposed question(s).Document design and layoutFollows APA format for in-text citations and bibliography.For more information on how to properly format your paper using APA format refer to the Purdue OWL APA website for samples and information: (Links to an external site.)Links to an external site.

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