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In Discussion Forum 6, post your response to the following discussion topics. Reply to at least two classmates’ responses by the date indicated in the Course Calendar.Introduction to the ActivityThe type of leader (i.e., transformational, servant, or authentic) affects the implementation strategies chosen, development of change plan, and types of interventions used. Understanding the way this impacts the choices made is an important component of successful implementation. It is important to note, that we are not ‘stuck’ with one model of leadership. While the debate about whether leaders are born or made rages on in the literature, there is support that leaders develop skills throughout their career that make them more effective in achieving expected outcomes. With this in mind, we are going to explore how the type of leadership model practiced can influence the successful outcome of the change management process. And consider how changing the model used can change the outcome. If we can develop leadership skill, consider the value of evaluating the way that different models of leadership support our change initiative.Consider the Following:Use your research skills and personal knowledge of media to explore articles through the library’s search engine. Note: Do not use articles already a part of the reading assignment for this module.Find an article that addresses a leader’s role in a specific change initiative.Define the leader’s activities as that of a transformational, servant, or authentic leader.Explain why this leader is exhibiting this particular model of leadership.How would this leader have behaved differently if he exhibited one of the other leadership models? Would this have led to a different or more successful outcome? Why or why not?Further Instructions on DF 6Before crafting your answer for DF6, be sure you have a full understanding of transformational, servant and authentic leadership from your Northouse text.  Here are some brief summaries of the key characteristics of the models. the library’s search engine or Google Scholar to find a published article about a leader’s role in a specific change initiative and then answer the questions given.  Be sure to start with a brief description of the article and give the complete reference in APA style at the end of your submission.This is a relatively short assignment and you should be able to answer all the questions in about 250 words although longer answers are fully acceptable.

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