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 At the end of Chapter 20, answer all of the questions listed.  Answer each question in a Word document and submit for grading.Following are the questions:1. Prior to the Risk Management Information Gathering Exercise discussed earlier in thecase, consider the challenges of the newly formed project team in undertaking Risk Managementin such a situation.2. (a) Discuss the challenges and how each of the departments might interact with andsupport Risk Management across the organization.(b) What are the major differences between IT and Project Management, consideringthey were both part of the initial RiskManagement pilot?Howmight they have overcomethis?3. (a) What do you think were the major positives of the approach undertaken with regardto the risk management information gathering exercise?(b) What do you think were the challenges and pitfalls of gathering data in the way thatthey did?4. What are the key challenges to the risk framework and risk approach proposed in 2011by the risk management team?5. Despite Operational Excellence providing the perfect platform to push Risk Management,discuss what the potential pitfalls may be.6. Using the supporting documentation along with the case study information (Exhibits20.9, 20.10, 20.11, and 20.12), provide a list of potential corporate risks that might havebeen identified by the project team.

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