Network security project assignment 2

 Overall Project ScenarioCorporation Techs provides remote and on-site support to small and mid-size businesses. Clients use Corporation Techs’ services to solve problems involving malware removal, to manage data recovery and network issues, and to install hardware and software. Due to recent developments, most technical representatives will begin working from home within the next six months. Because Corporation Techs provides 24/7 support, its systems and communications pathways must be fully operational at all times. In addition, the company has been experiencing unprecedented growth and is preparing to double its client-facing staff. You are a junior network architect who is responsible for helping to plan and design network enhancements to create a more secure internal network, and to ensure secure remote access.DeliverablesThe project is divided into several parts. Details for each deliverable can be found in this document. Project Part 1: Network DesignProject Part 2: Firewall Selection and PlacementProject Part 3: Remote Access and VPNsProject Part 4: Final Network Design ReportPlease complete part 2 from the document attached.

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