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 For this assignment, you are required to identify definitions for ten words and phrases crucial to understanding aspects of race, class and gender. In addition, you will paraphrase definitions and align them with an appropriate illustration. Finally, you will upload the assignment in a series of PowerPoint slides which concisely pull together a quoted definition, your paraphrase of that definition, and a visual illustration of the definition. Please note a simple Webster’s dictionary definition (or similar) will not be sufficient, please use course material and other peer reviews articles to define these words and phrases.  1. Civil Rights2. Race3. Oppression4. Separate but equal5. Intersectionality6. Jim Crow7. Microaggression8. White guilt9. Assimilation10. Juneteenth11. Black Lives Matter   Criteria for SuccessEach term is on its own slide.The slide must have a quoted definition from the course readings or a peer-reviewed article. It mustinclude an APA in-text citation.The slide must have a paraphrased definition of the term in your own words.Each definition is aligned with a visual representation that illustrates the definition.Picture, gif, drawing, MEME, illustration strip, short clip, ie.APA style reference of in-text citation at the very bottom of the slide.

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