Project plan – risk assessment – cost-benefit analysis

 Part 1:Risk AssessmentAs Intuit, Inc. transitions to cloud-based applications, issues may arise. As project manager, you need to assess the risks to the project and make a decision about how to mitigate those risks. Complete the Project Risk Assessment Template.  (Attached)Format your citations per APA guidelines.Part 2:Project Plan Template Throughout this course, you have learned about many techniques and processes in project management. Leading an IT project will require you to use all of these techniques. One of the most important project tasks is to present the scoping information to the stakeholders, including a detailed project plan. Complete the Project Plan Template. (Attached)Cost-Benefit Analysis Complete the Cost–Benefit Analysis spreadsheet. (Attached)Note: The cost–benefit analysis spreadsheet contains two tabs. The first tab allows you to input data in each category. The second tab will automatically transfer numbers from the first tab and provide a summary, including accumulated cost, accumulated benefit, and graph of savings. The intersect point between the accumulated cost and accumulated benefit will give you a break-even period of the project. Note: There is no “correct” answer, but one that is justified with your knowledge and expertise. Format your citations per APA guidelines.  

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