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Multiple Choice 1.While waiting to be seated at a restaurant, Joylee receives a customer loyalty coupon through an app on her mobile phone for half off a dessert with the purchase of an entrée. This use of a location-based software application is designed to promote which of the 4E framework objectives?      A. Engage
B. Energize C. Excite
D. Experience E. Educate 
2.Which type of pricing model for apps prompts/allows customers to make small “micropurchases” to enhance the app itself?    A. ad-supported apps 
B. freemiumapps 
C. in-app purchases 
D. paid apps   E. multi-level apps 
3.Especially for marketers with new products or services, IMC is needed because        A.  consumers need to know all about the features of new products before making a purchase decision.             B.    consumers are unlikely to buy products they are not aware of. 
                                       C.   it is impossible for products to sell themselves through word-of-mouth 
            D.   pricing decisions cannot be made without IMC.                                                                                       E.    new products and services need to be integrated into the supply chain value 
Essay               4.Explain how a company can use search engine marketing. 
5.You are the owner of a new deli that encourages customers to “build their own sandwiches.” What social and mobile media tools could you use to enhance your business? 

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